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About Sunway Medical Centre

Sunway Medical Centre is successfully running as an orthopedic specialty Centre in the Chennai city.

Sunway Medical Centre offers the best treatment for orthopedic specialty like complicated joint replacement, spine surgery, pediatric orthopedic, pain management and also allied specialty like Stem cell Therapy, Regenerative Therapy, Exercise Treatment, and Arthroscopic Surgery.

Sunway Medical Centre is a Specialty Centre Pvt Ltd, recognized in India. It has world-class, well equipped, and sophisticated facilities. Our well trained specialists, surgeons, and medical team to treat the most complicated cases.

Sunway Medical Centre, inaugurated by Dr. K. Rosaiah, Governor of Tamil Nadu on 19th February 2016, is a renowned and experienced Doctors. In a short time, Sunway Medical Centre has built up a good reputation as a surgical and medical service provider. Sunway Medical Centre currently has minor operation theaters with quality service offered in Orthopedic Surgeries.

Sunway Medical Centre has excellent equipments like Laminar flow ultraclean minor Operation Theater for orthopedic Surgery. Sunway Medical Centre has well setup experienced nursing and support staffs are trained to inculcate compassion and love in their service. Sunway Medical Centre has state of the art diagnostic and treatment facilities are comparable with the best. The Medical Centre has a dedicated team offering world class services round the clock. Sunway Medical Centre has well equipped in the Lap and Zero Infection Procedure approach. Sunway Medical Centre has excellent radiology services like X-ray and Dexa Scan (BMD).


Providing excellent medical care to our customers through our faith in values, integrity, respect, teamwork, & innovation to achieve complete patient satisfaction 


  • The mission of " Sunway Medical Centre " is to provide competitive, innovative and accessible medical care to the patients
  •  To facilitate improving the health of the patient by providing quality service through our professionals that is affordable and delivered
  •  Compassionately
  •  Appropriately 
  •  Responsibility 
  •  Efficiently 
  •  To exhibit stewardship and creativity in the management of all available resources for patient care. 
  • To ensure the delivery of our services enabling patient, families, guests, healthcare professional, our associates to make the best use of our facilities and environment consistent with our philosophy and commitment of the patient care, health education and strategic initiative.
  •  To provide excellent family center healthcare to the entire family and children in an environment that meets or exceeds the expectation of those we serve.

Sunway Medical Centre has OPD hall with a comfortable sitting arrangements. It consists of 4 consulting chambers, Music System, Television and Display Board for important announcements for Camp and Information.